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Design a perfect life plan

You are successful, you have achieved everything. And yet?  Something is missing. Burdened by external constraints and expectations, externally determined and constrained in the role play of your functions – professionally as well as privately. Best life performance plans for HNWI.  


Your own best quality of life

Is your personal life plan meaningful, balanced, inspiring and life-affirming? Does your current quality of life correspond to what you hope for? 



Your coaching plan

Mark Pfeil, certified coach – HNWI Life Design accompanies you on the next step to more meaning in life and inner satisfaction.

Another topic area, of Mark Pfeil, are disagreements within HNWI families. Because different generations have different views. How should the family assets be managed in the future? How should family assets be increased in the future? Choose your coaching plan.

Yes, do your thing coaching plan

How can you develop your personality, how can you change your roles so that you play the leading role in your life?

Stress Reduction coaching plan

Minimize all stress factors in your life. Lead a content and harmonious life. Go through life with inner friends. Order your inner life.

Work Life Balance coaching plan

Organize your business and private life. Spend more time with your loved ones, have more free time. Enjoy more your life. 

we're the best hnwi
coaching organization

We have been coaching High Net Worth Individuals and their families for over 10 years.  
This has given us the expertise and built up the passion to conduct our coaching sessions at eye level.


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Application for Executive Coach

Join an exciting community, you speak German, English, French, Mandarin or Spanish? Then work as an Executive Coach or HNWI Coach. Visit our partner site. Executives Coaching. executives-coaching.com. You have been working with High Net Worth Individuals for more than 5 years and speak 2 languages fluently or you are a HNWI yourself and would like to work as a Coach? Then get in touch with us. 


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